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I never did a journal feature before, so here goes nothing:

Meet the one being featured, the great and awesome

Walt-Marsters :iconwalt-marsters: Sparkling Smile 

Here are just a few of his breathtaking chapters of Ragnarok with Moorgash, Falco, Miranda, orcs, goblins, dwarves and so many more.

Ragnarok: The last Adler. Chapter 2: Hunter/preyMore than thirteen years had passed since the Duskar assault on lady Kari. Much had changed in that time. Prince Karl Adler had succeeded his father and was now jarl Karl Adler of Vestfjor. He had proved to be a strong ruler, showing mercy when it was possible, but being absolutely ruthless if need be. In the first year of his reign, he had destroyed an undead threat that lurked within his own borders. In the process he had not hesitated to raze an entire barony to cleanse the land of the stain of necromancy. Three years later, he had defeated an attempt of the jarl of Caledonia to seize several baronies along the border. He had even captured the jarl's brother, but, in a clear show of mercy, he had allowed the young noble to return home without even asking for a ransom. However, the year after that, he had shown his ruthlessness once again by not only defeating another invasion attempt of the Viku, but by killing every prisoner he had made, safe one. That one was allowed to return hom  The War for Griffnar - Part 9Several dwarfs quickly descended into the dungeon and began to free the slaves. Falco drew his sword and cut Erwin’s chains. He draped his cloak around his friend’s shoulders and together with Miranda helped him up the ladder and out of the stinking horrific slave den, soon followed by the other former slaves.
“I must look awful,” Erwin said in a weak voice.
“No, really not,” Falco replied.
“You’re still very bad at lying,” Erwin smiled. “I know I look like crap.”
“We’ll clean you right up, as soon as we can get some water down here. Look, the dwarfs are already bringing it in.”
“You, on the other hand, don’t look like crap at all. What the hell happened to you, after that big orc dragged you away? Where did you get that cool armor? And when did you get so tall?”
“I’m not that tall.”
“It’s true, you have grown,” Miranda said, as she carefully started
Griffnar - Part 18It was long after sunset when Frederik finally walked through the door of his own house. Haldrik was with him. All day long they had been in a war council, presided over by jarl Otar himself. All the military leaders and captains of the companies of Griffnar had been present. Even the grandmaster of the Order of Mjolnir had arrived, although he officially didn’t even answer to the jarl.
Calvin and Shane were still awake, anxiously waiting for their return. They practically dragged the two men inside to hear what they had to report. They gathered in a small drawing room on the third floor of the house. It had been a hot day, so they opened the window to allow the cool night air to enter. Calvin was the first to speak:
“So, what happened after the althing? Did Otar sabotage your efforts in the war council? Did he refuse your plan and forced you to accept something impossible instead?”
Frederik took a sip of his glass of mead and shrugged his shoulders in a helpless gest
FraternizingThe Ozcura watched, well hidden among the leaves and branches of the high tree. These kind of trees, with mighty trunks and dense foliage didn’t exist in her homeland, but she liked them anyway. They provided good cover. At home, the vegetation was low, and often anchored in shallow water instead of firm land. But there were exceptions to that of course, where the swamp had allowed larger islands to surface with higher trees and stronger, less moist land. After all, you couldn’t build a big tower on water soaked ground. Well, perhaps mighty sorcerers could. In either case, she had no idea how it was done, neither did it really interest her. Why build such huge things, when a nice hut, made of wood and wicker offered just as much protection from the rain? That seemed like so unnecessary.
But all of that wasn’t important. She forced her mind to return to the problem at hand. The orders of the demon lords had been very clear. Search for any pockets of human resistance (m

 Just too much to mention, go check it out and find yourself getting lost in the world of Ragnarok Reading

A couple of art-pieces to accompany the story:

Falco by Walt-Marsters It's nothing personal, kid. Just business. by Walt-Marsters  The Living Banner by Walt-Marsters Skull and Crossbones Moorgash and Claw by Walt-Marsters

Some photography too

City in winter time 3 by Walt-Marsters  The trials of Svartelheim - The graveyard by Walt-Marsters  Colors of fall by Walt-Marsters  The Count's Castle by Walt-Marsters  Summer's view of a house 2 by Walt-Marsters

Be sure to drop by :iconwalt-marsters:'s page and tell him I've send you

We've reached the end of the journal feature. See you all next time FREE flying hearts Icon 
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